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Welcome the the web site of Bassist, Pianist and Producer Rich Hansen. 

Rich Hansen is the former bassist of Los Angeles bands Asa Cruz, Graven Image and Takara

RICH HANSEN BIO Rich Hansen is a bassist, pianist, composer and producer of many musical styles from Jazz to Classical to Metal to Alt. Rock to New Age. Formerly with Sundown/Orange Sky Records Artist Asa Cruz, and Zero Records Artist Takara in Los Angeles, Rich has also played and studied with names such as Patrick Moraz, Jeff Berlin, Jeff Scott Soto, Bob Daisley and Producers Rick Parashar and Matt Thorne.

These days, Rich makes his home in the Northern Utah area, where he plays in several bands, including Salt Lake jazz trio Bossa Luna, The Moment, and the Christian band Joyful Noise.  He also does solo projects in his home studio.  Rich uses vintage Fretless and Fretted Fender and Tobias Basses, and Ampeg SVT amplifiers.  Also, Baldwin Pianos, and Fatar and Ensoniq keyboards. 


Hear Rich Hansen Solo Music MP3's From This Link: 


Rich's music has been featured twice as "track of the day" at garageband.com.  See more info at www.garageband.com/richhansen





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Some photos are below - Click on the hyperlinks to see the photo

Rich Hansen with Asa Cruz Playing the Roxy in Hollywood CA - 1998 In the studio in Seattle with producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon)
Ozzy Osbourne Bassist Bob Daisley playing Rich's 69 P-Bass Rich's Hair Band days with Takara Playing the Roxy in LA with Asa Cruz Recording with Producer   Rick Parashar Heavy Metal Days in LA with Graven Image Rich's New '75 RI Jazz Bass
The Ampeg SVT Rich bought from  Bob Daisley Rich's  Bass Collection Rich's  '69 Fender Precision Rich's StudioLogic Keyboard used in his studio Rich's 69 SVT purchased from The Wallflowers and the SVT bought from Bob Daisley Rich's Six String Tobias Bass
Rich's Kay/Engelhardt Upright Rich's  Upright Bass - Back Rich's  Six String Bass He Built New Six String Bass  New Six String Bass Back Bass Collection 7/5/05

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If you are interested in having Rich Hansen play on your studio session, you may contact him by e-mail at: richhansenmsi@hotmail.com


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